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Beach Training!

Hi Team!

Get excited! We will be running a Karate Beach Training Session on Sunday, 20 February 2022 at Williamstown Beach!

This training session is open to all karate students in our senior and adult classes (6PM and 7PM), and will be followed by a BBQ lunch for all students and their family members who'd like to stay and have a bite to eat after a fun training session. The training session will be free, though we would really appreciate an RSVP to better plan our training session, and for catering purposes.

How much is it and who is it for?

FREE! Beach training is always great fun and will be a great way to get outdoors and do something different with our training while we're having some nice weather. It will be open to any of our senior or adult students who'd like to come along for a day of fun. This will also be a great way for students to have some fun and train with other students of dojos, as other clubs will be there also.

If you're not sure whether it will be suitable for your child, please have a chat with Meysam next time you're at the club.

What do I wear?

For the training session, students will be required to wear full uniform - white pants, white top and their belt. Some of the training will most likely require the students to head into the water (approximately knee depth), so it is up to you weather students wear something else underneath their uniform to help them remain comfortable (e.g. bike shorts).

Should I bring anything?

As the training session will most likely include a bit in the water, it is important to bring a spare pair of clothes and a towel for after training. Please also keep in mind that being next to the water may also mean a bit more wind, so a warm jumper might also be a good idea. :)

What's for lunch?

After training we will set up a BBQ, and cook a variety of meats and will also provide some delicious salads. Of course, if you have any dietary requirements (e.g. vegetarian), this can be catered for as well, please just let us know when you RSVP.

Where is it, what time, and where will we meet?

It will be held at Williamstown Beach, and we will meet on the beach across from Sadler Reserve. Training will start at 10AM.

Williamstown Beach

Hoping to see you all there!


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