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First Karate Grading for 2024!

Hey Warriors Fam!

Our next grading will be held at the club on Sunday, 21 April 2024. Grading application forms are now available from reception, and here, below.

Grading is a special day where students are tested on their technique, stamina and determination in order to obtain their next belt (or rank). If you are unsure whether you/your child are eligible to grade, please have a chat with Meysam next time you are at the club :)

Though please note, students who have been training for LESS than 6 months, or who participated in the last grading (in November 2023) will not be eligible to grade.

The grading time will be dependent on the number of students grading, and will be confirmed closer to the grading date. Please also note, grading forms and respective fees are required to be back at the club on or before 15th April 2024.

If you have any questions regarding the upcoming grading, please do not hesitate to have a chat with us :)

Grading Application Form
Download PDF • 195KB

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