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4 - 7 years

The Junior program at Warriors Martial Arts are designed for the younger age group to help develop coordination, balance, self-discipline, control, flexibility and concentration.

This program has been designed as an introduction to kid's karate classes and group activities to allow children to develop the fundamentals of following instructions in a class setting, and helps students develop confidence, increase strength and self-discipline, and instil respect.

Students in the Juniors (4 - 7 year) age group are bright and excited by new adventures, though can be quite vulnerable to distractions. Juniors love interacting with each other, and they love the spotlight, though quite often also lack confidence and control over their emotions. Eager to learn, they are also still developing and refining their motor skills, so proficient technique is not quite there yet.


Our goal at Warriors Martial Arts, through our Juniors’ (4 - 7 years) program, is to guide students in this age group in developing their concentration and build confidence and help them to identify, understand and control their emotions in order learn to address problems and challenges they face even when they initially feel like giving up. We aim to help build their physical stature, introduce students to the basic techniques and familiarise them with the foot patterns and body movements required to execute each technique efficiently, with maximum power and minimal effort.

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