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Judo, a modern martial art founded in ancient Japanese traditions, emphasises both physical prowess and mental discipline. Judo has also been used as the foundation of other popular styles of martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and  Sambo. Founded by Jigoro Kano in 1882, Judo translates to "the gentle way," reflecting its focus on leverage, balance, and technique rather than brute strength. Its students learn to use an opponent's force against them, mastering throws, pins, and submission holds.


Beyond self-defence, Judo promotes values such as respect, humility, and perseverance, making it a holistic practice for both body and mind. For this reason, Judo students also build confidence and self-esteem, alongside discipline and self-control.


Our Judo program is taught to both adults and children, aged 4+ years, with separate classes for different age groups to allow classes to be tailored more specifically to students' competency levels. Join in and give Judo a go to develop strength, agility, and confidence while embracing the rich philosophy of this timeless martial art.

All Instructors at Warriors Martial Arts are qualified and experienced martial artists competing and gaining titles both nationally and internationally. Whether your goal is to learn self-defence and get fit, improve your technique and fighting style or improve your sparring and fighting confidence, the instructors at Warriors have experienced first hand the training and dedication required to reach set goals, and can help you do the same.


At Warriors Martial Arts, we recognise that getting fit and learning something new is very much about the journey, so enjoying where you train is essential to your progress. While we know you will absolutely love training with our awesome Craigieburn crew, we offer a free trial for all our programs, so that you can be sure before you sign up, that you’ve found the perfect club for you!


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Judo Instructor

Sajjad has a bachelor degree in Sports Psychology and began his Judo training in Iran at a young age. Sajjad is an experienced 6th Dan International Judo coach registered with the International Judo Federation and remains head coach of the Pakistani Judo Federation. Sajjad was the international Judo Champion of Turkey (2006), national Judo Champion in Iran (2009), Silver medalist in Asian Sambo Games Uzbekistan (20008 and 2010), international Kurash Champion in Iran (2010), and was the head coach of the Bangladesh Olympic Judo Team (2019).

Sajjad continues to train and compete himself, most recently earning a gold medal at the 2023 National Sport Sambo Championships, and two gold medals in two different weight divisions at the 2024 National Beach Sambo Championships.


With years of experience training and competing internationally, Sajjad brings a world of experience to Warriors Martial Arts.

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